Alan Snow


I have thirty years experience in the food industry, with ten years of that devoted to the seafood industry.
I have experience in food chemistry and food microbiology and, for ten years, worked as part of the Australian Seafood Extension and Advisory Service (AUSEAS), a service which was funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC). Through this service I assisted the Australian seafood industry to increased profitability through providing access to information on innovation and improved processes both internationally and within Australia.

I was then part of the Seafood Services Australia team which delivered a wide range of services to the Australian seafood industry.

In 2003 - 2004 I was Project Leader for a FarmBis funded project which developed a software tool which used a Risk Management approach to assist seafood companies to develop an Environmental Management Plan, a Workplace Health & Safety Plan, a Food Safety Plan, and a Business Improvement Plan in one scan of the operating environment.

I was secretary of the Australian Fish Names Committee, since its formation in 1998, until 2006. This committee was tasked with developing standard names for fish in Australia.

I formed Alan Snow Konsulting in 2005 and was engaged by Seafood Services Australia to undertake a Seafood Supply Chain Innovation project which was funded through the AusIndustry Innovation Access Program which was completed in June 2006.

This project focused on four areas of innovation in the seafood industry, namely:

The key outcomes for this project have been:

My key areas of expertise are:

I completed an Associate Diploma in Applied Science at QIT in 1974, and completed a course in Seafood Inspection in 1998.
I also have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment which I completed through North Point TAFE.
I was a graduate of the Advance in Seafood Leadership Program in 2004, during which I undertook a project to update and improve the Australian Seafood Emergency Plan for the seafood industry.

Last updated November, 2006.